Round the Island by foot on 14 – 18 December 2020 150km | 5 days | 24 hours | 15 checkpoints

Zalifah is a part of Team CAL that was supposed to fly off in April 2020 for the #YOLO2020 Everest Base Camp for the mental health advocacy hike. Unfortunately, COVID-19 happened. The likelihood that she may not realise her aspiration to surmount Everest Base Camp has caused her to conceive the Round Island Route (RIR) #YOLO2020 Walk With Me instead.

Through the challenge that Zalifah set for herself, she hoped to raise greater awareness of mental wellness through conversations with her friends and to raise funds for the work that CAL do to support fellow caregivers like her. What started off as a personal mission turned out otherwise – she was overwhelmed by the support and encouragements received, especially by the CAL family. Throughout the five days of the walk, Zalifah was accompanied by colleagues and friends who rallied and supported her and the cause.

Zalifah normally does her thinking and reflections best when she is out walking. Here, she shares her thoughts that caregivers need to know that they are not alone in their caregiving journeys.