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CAL in the Media

The collection below lists instances in which CAL was featured by the media: in newspapers, on television and on radio. Also included are other mentions, such as in publications and speeches. Know something that's not included? Notify us about it through our website's enquiries form!

10 April 2022

照顾者联盟 一位母亲的心路历程

Shin Min Daily News


身为单亲妈妈的陈彩云女士多年来驻国外工作。 在宝贝女儿20来岁时患上心理疾病,使她选择放弃事业,回国照顾女儿。陈彩云女士参加了照顾者联盟(CAL)的照顾者互助培训课程(C2C),从中学习呵护女儿的技巧。久而久之,女儿慢慢走上康复之道,母女之间的感情也渐渐地复合。

10 April 2022

New support network for caregivers of people with mental health issues

The Straits Times


CAL is honoured to be a partner of the “WIN Caregivers Network”, an initiative launched by People’s Association Women’s Integration Network (WIN) Council and Women’s Executive Committees (WECs), with CAL and NCSS.

Caregivers of people with mental health issues in six divisions, including Nee Soon East, Fengshan and Bukit Gombak will soon be able to tap on a new support network that is to be piloted for one year, starting May. This network aims to enable caregivers to connect and share experiences and equip them with knowledge on managing mental health conditions. 

The pilot is part of the White Paper on Singapore’s Women’s Development, which seeks a fairer and more inclusive society with 25 action plans in 5 areas. We are heartened that one of these involves paying more attention to the well-being of the caregivers among us.

5 April 2022

White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development: Low Yen Ling on uplifting, protecting and reflecting interests of women



On 5 April 2022, it was announced in parliament that Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL) will work with PA, NCSS, and SG Cares Volunteer Centres to form support networks for caregivers of persons with mental health conditions. 

The White Paper on Singapore Women's Development that was passed yesterday covers 5 key areas of recommendation - one of them covers recognition and support for caregivers. 

Volunteers who wish to be part of this effort can attend the Caregivers-to-Caregivers (C2C) Training Programme to have a better understanding of the kind of mental health challenges faced by caregivers. "This will help reinforce ground support for this group of caregivers who are especially vulnerable to burnout," said Minister of State for Culture, Community and Youth and Trade and Industry Low Yen Ling.

30 March 2022

CNA 938 - CAL 4 Mental Wellness Campaign Launch Radio Interview

CNA 938


On 30 March 2022, Tricia Lee, Head of Comms at CAL appeared on the CNA938 Your Singapore Weekend Radio Show hosted by Susan Ng and Justine Moss. Ms Lee shared about the important work that Caregivers Alliance Limited does in supporting caregivers of persons with mental health issues, as well as CAL 4 Mental Wellness, the annual fundraiser campaign launched to raise funds for CAL’s mission.

23 March 2022

One husband, two men: Loving someone with schizophrenia

The Straits Times


Ms Margaret Ong remembers the last time her husband said he loved her. It was 2018, nine years after Mr Leslie Ng was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

"Taking care of the mentally ill is very challenging and is different from that of the physically ill," says Dr Ang Yong Guan, a consultant psychiatrist that has been treating Mr Ng since 2011. He motivated Ms Ong to share her experiences in a book to help other caregivers in similar situations. 

Now published and on sale on http://wordimagesg.com , 40 per cent of the proceeds (until 30 April) from her book, One Husband Two Men, will go to Caregivers Alliance.

15 March 2022

儿女心理健康出问题 父母分享亲身经历鼓励其他看护

Lianhe Zaobao

Zaobao Logo.png



10 March 2022

Are You a Caregiver for Your Child? – Please Read This (+ True Life Stories)



A group of students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information launched a campaign called Prepare to Care, in collaboration with the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL).


Its objectives include providing more resources for caregivers of youth with mental health conditions and normalise help-seeking. They also want to encourage more caregivers to better prepare themselves mentally for tough times ahead, and practise self-care along the way.

6 March 2022

She put her life on hold to care for mum. Despite loneliness and depression, she isn't giving up



At age 36, Nadia Daeng gave up her full-time career at a global public relations and sports marketing agency to become her mother's primary caregiver. 

In this interview, Nadia talks about battling loneliness and caregiver burnout, and how she navigates her caregiving journey with support from her siblings, professional resources, and the community of caregivers at Caregivers Alliance.

18 February 2022

CNA 938 - National Caregivers Day Interview with Yasmin Jonkers



National Caregivers Day falls on the third Friday of February. 

Caregiver and businesswoman, Cheryl Fong, and Outreach Manager at Caregivers Alliance, Veena Nanthakumar appeared on CNA938 The Double X Files Radio Interview. 

Cheryl shares the challenges she faced as a caregiver and what can be done to better support caregivers in the workplace. Veena provides an expert opinion on the prevailing stigma in Singapore as well as how Caregivers Alliance is supporting caregivers like Cheryl.

10 February 2022

A full-time caregiver on how 'survivor's guilt' led to her depression



While battling Major depressive disorder (MDD), Nadia Daeng is also a primary caregiver to her 44-year-old sister with borderline personality disorder (BPD) & her 75-year-old mum, who suffered a stroke in 2019.

In this article and video feature, Nadia talks about her experience growing up with mental illness in the family, and how resources like Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL) helped her realise that she is not alone.

7 February 2022

Social campaign helps caregivers of youths to care for own mental health

The Business Times


In collaboration with IMH and Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL), "Prepare to Care" hopes to encourage more caregivers to better prepare themselves mentally and normalise help-seeking behaviours.

CAL chief executive officer Tim Lee said many caregivers would sign up for training programmes out of desperation.

"My greatest joy is to hear how they are seeing improvement and changes," he said. "They are encouraged and motivated by other caregivers' sharing and they have found friends within the class who will journey with them."

7 February 2022

65岁以上者居多 失智之友应用每年有逾百寻人启事

Lianhe Zaobao

Zaobao Logo.png

互联中心(Agency for Integrated Care) 推出的“失智症之友”应用每年平均有超过100则寻人启事。当失智症患者迷失方向时,他们可能会感到焦虑和不安。遇到似乎迷失和困惑的老人时,公众可以先安抚他们的情绪,并将他们带到全岛超过 350 个“失智症站点”,由那里的员工接收协助老人回家。


随着失智症患者对家庭护理人员的需求不断增加,互联中心正与多家机构合作,为女佣提供专门的年长护理课程。最后,失智症患者的家庭成员在护理方面也时额外重要的。照顾者联盟 (Caregivers Alliance Limited) 提供心理教育和情感支持,以帮助照顾者长期维持照顾失智老人。