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About the Campaign
Uncovering & Empowering Hidden Heroes

A study conducted by research company Milieu for CAL showed that 27% - over 1 in every 4 people - were caring for someone with a mental health condition. Among these, at least 51% of them report feeling stressed often or all the time. The campaign poses the question, “Are You A Caregiver?” to get people asking themselves if they are caring for anyone in their family or social circle with mental health concerns, and if so, what they can do.

The campaign highlights the fact that anyone can be a caregiver, and that each person likely has several secondary caregivers who are just as vital to the person’s well-being. Secondary or ad hoc caregivers are those who step in to help when needed or provide emotional or financial support. Siblings, colleagues or friends often fulfil these roles. By sharing real life stories from caregivers the campaign presents relatable characters that defy the stereotype (middle aged female), sparking conversations about caregiving, mental health and driving help-seeking behaviour.


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