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Caregivers Connect 2019 - 7 September 2019

Caregivers Connect 2019 is focused on the people who matter most to CAL – our Caregivers. As our landmark event of the year, it’s not the typical conference you’d expect. There are no academic theories, research presentations, no exclusive invitation lists, and no guest of honour. Instead, our guests of honour are our Caregivers. By connecting you to fellow caregivers, and bringing resources, services, and information together in one place, we seek to make a difference to you and your loved ones with Mental Health Issues and with Dementia.

We hope that you will leave Caregivers Connect 2019 Informed, Inspired, and Initiated.

Here’s what you can look forward to: BE INFORMED Hear from CAL’s partners in the social service sector and discover resources and support services for you and your loved ones:

  • Catch our keynote presentation "Caregiving: Challenges & Support Sources” by A/Prof Lee Cheng, IMH Vice Chairman, Medical Board (Clinical), that gives you a comprehensive overview of support and resources that can help you on your caregiving journey

  • Learn about services and initiatives useful for caregivers of persons with mental health issues by our community partners, including AIC, NCSS, IMH, SAMH, SACS, Boys’ Town, Limitless, Campus PSY and Resilience Collective

  • Caregivers or persons-in-recovery can have a livelihood or earn extra income! Explore opportunities for employment or freelancing with start-ups and social enterprises – Hoseki Garden (a caregiver's homegrown business) and Homage

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences can lead to negative effects on mental and physical health and wellbeing. Explore how Trauma Informed Care can turn awareness into action so that children and youths are less likely to enter into negative mental health conditions in their later years

  • Learn more about estate planning and how to manage your finances with Andrew Ang, a caregiver who is an experienced financial advisor

  • Test your knowledge about mental health/wellness and caregiving at our quiz section, with prizes to be won!


…by the powerful and moving stories of your fellow CAREGIVERS.

  • Hear about how a caregiver learnt to cope with a suicide in the family, and how she is overcoming the pain of her loss.

  • Follow the challenges faced by young caregivers as they recount their caregiving journey

  • Find out how a group of ten caregivers found friendship, and grew to lean on each other during their 12 months together in the Caregivers-for-Caregivers Support Group (C4C)

  • Gather insights and practical tips from other caregivers for better self-care and more effective caregiving


Take action alongside like-minded caregivers with similar passions, and join us as volunteers or advocates for meaningful causes:

  • Learn how caregivers can break away from paralysing labels and rewrite their story with the I AM_ workshop by Limitless

  • Suicide has a terrible impact on the lives of caregivers and their loved ones. Come together to explore what can be done to prevent such tragedies

  • Beyond your role as caregivers, explore how you can band together, draw on your networks, experiences, contacts or expertise to start a social enterprise or business that will bring job opportunities to the community, creating a positive and lasting impact

With more than 12 breakout sessions and 14 exhibitors, you will be empowered in your journey towards well-being and resilience


Come join us on Saturday, 7 September 2019 at Prudential @ Scotts (beside Newton MRT). Time: 9 am – 4.30 pm

Caregiver participants eligible for the 200 morning plenary and breakout seats include:

  1. Caregivers who have attended training by CAL – reconnect with your classmates from our C2C programmes and other mental health workshops.

  2. Caregivers of persons with mental health issues or dementia who have yet to attend our training – please extend an invite to caregivers you know who will be able to benefit from what CAL has to offer.

Please purchase tickets at $30 each to take part in both the morning and afternoon programme. This full day ticket will go towards defraying the cost of this event, and will entitle you to lunch and refreshments between sessions.

With more seating at the many breakout rooms and exhibition space, our afternoon programme is open to the public. Seize this opportunity to bring your friends and family down, inspiring and initiating them into the world of caregiving.

If you have issues with registration, please call us during office hours at 6460 4400.

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