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[Fireside Chat] Caregiver Resilience 101: How Resilient Are You?

Post Event Update

The recorded session is also available on our YouTube Channel.


Resilience is the ability to adapt and recover from stress, adversity, or challenging situations. It is the capacity to bounce back from difficult experiences, setbacks, and failures, and to keep going despite obstacles or difficulties. Caregivers often face a variety of stressors, such as long hours, financial strain, and emotional exhaustion, which can take a toll on their health and well-being. Resilience helps caregivers cope with these stressors and bounce back from difficult situations.

Let's hear from caregivers Jenny Teo, Margaret Ong, and Fong Hoe Fang in this upcoming episode of our fireside chat about the value of resilience in their individual caregiving journeys. After that, in a panel discussion, they will each express their individual perspectives and experiences.

This event is part of CAL’s continuous efforts to help caregivers and caregivers-to-be achieve higher levels of well-being and resilience, supplementing what is taught at our Caregivers-to-Caregivers Programme.

About Our Panellists

Jenny Teo

Jenny Teo is Founder of Stigma2StrengthSingapore – a personal public educational ground-up initiative on youth suicide prevention utilising evidence-based and “lived-experience” narratives to help explain the suicidal mind and behaviour of youths to the layman.

She is also Co-Founder of PleaseStay Movement – a ground up initiative comprising parents advocating for better awareness and changes at the national level to prevent youth suicides in Singapore.

She now focusses more on Public Education in youth suicide prevention.

As a suicide loss survivor, Jenny has given written interviews, contributed articles and presented talks to schools and educational institutions, the medical and mental health communities, befrienders of suicide attempters, corporate employees, social service agencies and the faith community. Her videos have reached many far and wide and given many youths a reason to stay, parents a reason to look out for their children’s safety and others a deeper understanding of this taboo subject of suicide.

She constantly updates herself on research through books, scientific literature and webinars on Contemporary Suicidology and Suicidality, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Psychology, Psychiatry and Trauma and is a regular attendee at the Australian Mental Health Academy’s Annual Suicide Prevention Summit featuring world-renowned speakers on suicide prevention.

A former Radio and TV personality, radio deejay, radio producer and radio station manager, Jenny is also a former General Manager of the SAFRA Radio station network who retired from the world of broadcasting in 2010 to care for her only child Josh Isaac diagnosed with Major Anxiety Disorder at age 11 and later Major Depressive Disorder at age 19.

Jenny Teo is also the first local author and self-publisher of her first book on Suicide Loss titled “Grieving and Living: A Mother’s Hope, A Mother’s Journey”. ALL nett proceeds from the sale through this book project is a gift from A Caregiver to Caregivers - an effort by Stigma2StrengthSingapore in support of Caregivers Alliance Ltd where Jenny volunteers.

In her free time, Jenny supports parents and caregivers to youths at-risk who reach out to her for counsel and advise through Stigma2StrengthSIngapore.

Margaret Ong

Passionate Advocator for mental health and caregiving for persons with mental illness. Currently, Margaret Ong is a volunteer Trainer with Caring for Life since 2020 and a Managing Partner with an Accelerator that invests and incubates technology startup companies. Margaret is the author of “One Husband Two Men” and “Still My Husband” – sharing her personal journey of transformational change in mindset towards caregiving.

Fong Hoe Fang

Fong Hoe Fang has been actively engaged in the design, advertising, publishing and off-set printing industries for more than 3 decades, including print-on-demand (POD) and large format printing technologies and processes since the early 1990s.

He has worked with large and small presses, and has hands-on experience with POD machines from Xerox, Hewlett Packard, Konica and Risograph as well as binding and finishing equipment for both offset and POD books.

He “re-tyred” from ethos books, a literary imprint he founded in 1997 and currently runs a small independent publishing outfit ( which gives consultancy services to individuals who want professional help with publishing.

Married with a son and a daughter, and 4 grandchildren, he is into his 69th year on planet earth and continues his quest to tell compelling social stories that would grab the hearts and minds of readers and galvanize them into positive action for the community.

Niky Sakhrani

Chanchul (Niky) in her day job comes from the digital marketing world, helping global brands articulate their digital communications strategy. On a personal front, she has been primary caregiver to her sister for over 20 years, and her late mother for over 4 years. Niky’s sister was diagnosed with a mental health condition and requires constant care.

A passionate advocate for mental health, Niky has volunteered as a C2C trainer at CAL since 2018. She has participated in several panel discussions on caregiver burnout and other topics relating to mental health organised by CAL and Resilience Collective.

Niky is also a 3rd year Clinical Psychology student.


Topic: Caregiver Resilience 101: How Resilient Are You?

Date: 27 April 2023, Thursday

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm, including Q&A

Mode: Online via Zoom

Details will be emailed to all participants by 17 April 2023, Monday

Panellists: Jenny Teo

Suicide loss survivor

Author of “Grieving and Living: A Mother’s Hope, A Mother’s Journey”

Margaret Ong

Caregiver to spouse with schizophrenia

Author of “One Husband Two Men” and “Still My Husband”

Fong Hoe Fang

Caregiver to spouse with bipolar disorder

Director, Word Image Pte Ltd

Moderator: Niky Sakhrani

Caregiver to loved ones with mental health conditions

Registration URL: Registration is now closed

There will be references to suicide and loss during the session. Please do not attend if you are not comfortable or it will be triggering for you. You may wish to watch the recording instead.

The session will be recorded. By participating in the virtual fireside chat, you automatically give us consent for you to be recorded with your camera on and name on the screen, or your camera off and name appearing on the recording. If you do not consent to being recorded, please do not register for the session and instead you may watch the recording which will be made available 2 weeks after the session on this page.

We welcome everyone to join us for an informative sharing on caregiver resilience, follow-by an interactive panel discussion session with our panellists and moderator.


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