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[Fireside Chat] Journeying Through Shadows: Navigating Anticipatory Grief for Dementia Caregivers

A staggering statistic from a 2015 study conducted by the Institute of Mental Health reveals that one in 10 individuals aged 60 and above grapples with dementia.

Caring for a loved one with dementia introduces a complex array of emotions and challenges. The gradual disappearance of the person you hold dear is a heart-wrenching process, cherished memories replaced with a struggle to recognise the familiar. The journey may also encompass anticipatory grief, an aching sorrow experienced in anticipation of their eventual passing. Grief and loss are inevitable aspects of the human experience, yet their weight can be incredibly daunting.

In this enlightening event, we invite you to join Gracie Mak, a dedicated grief specialist, as she delves into the emotional landscape of caregivers of individuals with dementia. Joining her will be caregivers Dr. Rinkoo Ghosh and Imran Wee, who will offer their valuable perspectives and lived experiences in a compelling panel discussion.

This event stands as a testament to CAL's unyielding commitment to supporting the well-being and resilience of caregivers, both current and prospective. It serves as a meaningful supplement to the knowledge imparted through our Caregivers-to-Caregivers Programme, fostering a community that thrives on shared understanding and mutual support.

Artist and highly regarded Art Teacher Ali Esmaeilipour is conducting the final session of painting classes to CAL Caregivers.

About Our Panellists and Moderator

Gracie Mak

Gracie Mak has over 20 years of senior management experience in MNC, SME and non- profit contexts. She was the CEO of a medical centre in Singapore, as well as the Business Development Director of an international five-star hotel and a renowned consulting firm.

A certified Life Coach (Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, USA), Gracie has worked extensively with individuals and families over the years. However, she found that many were not able to bounce back from setbacks and tragedies in life.

Eventually, her quest for a more effective way to help people in such predicaments led her to discover the Grief Recovery Method®. Today, Gracie has embarked on a new season in life, as a Co-Founder & Director of Whispering Hope Singapore and a Grief Recovery Specialist certified by the Grief Recovery Institute.

Armed with a passion and conviction to help people bounce back from life’s losses, Gracie works energetically toward the vision of a culture where people are comfortable with acknowledging the reality of loss and grief and learn the skills of processing these complex emotions. That would be a huge cultural shift for a somewhat stoic Asian society, and one that she works tirelessly toward — to see individuals, families and organizations thrive and succeed, turning life’s losses into gain.

Gracie holds a Master’s degree in Organization & Leadership, focused on Organizational Development Consulting (Regent University, Virginia Beach USA).

Dr Rinkoo Ghosh

Dr Rinkoo Ghosh was the main caregiver to her late parents who suffered from various ailments including heart disease. Her mother was also diagnosed with dementia. Like most caregivers, it wasn’t a deliberate choice. She took on the caregiving willingly after her father retired and fell ill. She was focused on her father for the first 4.5 years and gradually noticed that her mother was developing depression. After her father passed away in mid-2016, Dr Rinkoo realized that she needed to self-care to better care for her mother who was subsequently diagnosed with vascular dementia and then Alzheimer’s. Her mother suffered with dementia for at least 4 years. Together with her hired help, Rinkoo took care of her mother at home and ensured her mother received regular physical therapy at the day care centre, twice weekly.

Dr Rinkoo joined CAL's C2C Dementia programme in 2021 and learned how to better interact with her mother. She learned what it meant to connect rather than correct her mother when times get tough. She also learned to accept her mother's reality and journeyed alongside her with love. Her mother subsequently passed away in May last year, at the age of 82.

Professionally, Dr Rinkoo is a senior consultant, facilitator and coach on building resilience, emotional agility, and empathy. She is passionate about supporting individuals and leaders in organisations to optimise stress and achieve performance. She volunteers with CAL regularly and conducts resilience talks for our fellow caregivers.

Imran Wee

Imran Wee is a passionate advocate for dementia caregivers, driven by his own experience caring for his mother with moderate dementia since 2011. Initially facing challenges and feeling helpless, Imran found solace and support through CAL's C2C Dementia programme, which helped him regained a sense of purpose and inspired him to help others.

Imran shares his story to raise awareness about the emotional toll caregivers face and to provide support and resources for those in similar situations. With his empathetic approach and firsthand knowledge, he aims to destigmatize the caregiver role, empowering others to navigate their responsibilities with strength and resilience.

Ming Li Tan

Ming Li Tan is the founder of The Life Review, an organisation that strives towards a compassionate world in which conversations about death, dying, and bereavement are normalised.

As a skilled Movement and Mindfulness Facilitator and Reiki Master, Ming Li has worked closely with clients dealing with terminal illness, chronic pain, and grief. Embracing a calling to provide more support for those facing the end of life and their caregivers, she pursued specialised training in End of Life Doula services through INELDA, focusing particularly on dementia care. She then completed a course on Aging and End of Life at NTU, under the expertise of researcher and psychologist Dr Andy Ho, and is currently pursuing a MSc in Thanatology with renowned death educator Janet McCord.

Through her work with The Life Review, Ming Li strives to provide comfort, understanding, and support to the dying and their loved ones through the challenging end-of-life journey.


Topic: [Fireside Chat] Journeying Through Shadows: Navigating Anticipatory Grief for Dementia Caregivers

Date: 31 August 2023, Thursday

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm, including Q&A

Mode: Online via Zoom

Details will be emailed to all participants by 22 August 2023, Tuesday

Panellists: Gracie Mak

Co-Founder & Director, Whispering Hope

Dr Rinkoo Ghosh

Previously cared for parents with dementia

Imran Wee

Caregiver to mother with dementia

Moderator: Ming Li Tan

Founder of The Life Review

Registration URL: Registration is now closed

There will be references to death during the session.

The session will be recorded. By participating in the virtual fireside chat, you automatically give us consent for you to be recorded with your camera on and name on the screen, or your camera off and name appearing on the recording. If you do not consent to being recorded, you may skip the session and watch the recording which will be made available 2 weeks after the session on this page.

We welcome everyone to join us for an informative sharing on anticipatory grief faced by caregivers, follow-by an interactive panel discussion session with our panellists and moderator.


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