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Collaboration with Dream Forest Stories: Caregiver Stories of Courage

Dream Forest Stories Pte Ltd (DFS) is a ground-up, community channel that strives to build the Singaporean identity and foster a sense of community amongst Singaporeans. CAL is honoured to be adopted by DFS as their featured charity organisation for June this year. Four of our caregivers were invited to share their stories, and interviewed by their Citizen Journalists (CityJos).


Gabriel Chan

The plight of the caregiver is often overlooked in stories of mental illness as the attention and focus is usually on the patient. CityJo Carson hears Gabriel Chan’s story on his struggles supporting his daughter who is recovering after a bout of acute depression and suicidal ideation.

Margaret Ong

Can you still love your husband when he is no longer the same man that you knew before marriage? CityJo Bruce hears caregiver Margaret Ong’s story of accepting her husband’s mental health condition and living with ‘strange’ behaviour and actions.

Vanessa Soon

True friends stick around for the good and bad times, but how many of us are lucky enough to have a friend who will support us through a challenging mental health condition? CityJo Dharmhik gets candid with caregiver Vanessa Soon about how she cares for her childhood friend as he adapts to life with a borderline personality disorder.

Dr Rinkoo Ghosh

The demands of a caregiver are very real and they often suffer from caregiver burnout. How do caregivers cope with their emotional and spiritual health? In this video, caregiver Dr Rinkoo Ghosh shares her story of resilience and sheds light on the unexpected loneliness that a caregiver might be thrust into. Dr Rinkoo hopes other caregivers will learn to seek help instead of suffering alone.


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