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A Singphonic Christmas by Die Singphoniker (Germany)

Die Singphoniker is a renowned vocal ensemble with a vast repertoire spanning centuries and genres. Their concerts are known for their innovative harmonies and warm, powerful sound. Join them for a special Christmas concert featuring an artful blend of musical works.

About Die Singphoniker

Die Singphoniker belongs to an exclusive group of internationally renowned vocal ensembles—a status they have maintained for over 40 years. They possess an extensive repertoire ranging from the renaissance to the contemporary, encompassing both popular and classical music, as well as secular and sacred works. Their concerts blend varying musical styles to create an exciting and harmonious experience, establishing the Die Singphoniker as a benchmark within the German vocal scene.

Die Singphoniker have regularly performed in concert series and at major music festivals in Germany, Europe, Asia and America and have produced nearly 40 award-winning CD recordings showcasing the ensemble’s artistic excellence and adaptability.

Die Singphoniker have a knack for successfully infusing lighter works with depth and heavier pieces with a touch of delicacy. Their unique sound has been described as warm, finely balanced and powerful. From the deepest bass to the highest tenor, they seamlessly blend the diverse facets of the male voice into a cohesive whole. Their passion for music making resonates with the audience, creating an irresistible musical connection.


Concert: A Singphonic Christmas by Die Singphoniker (Germany)

Date: 8 December 2023, Friday

Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm, with 20 mins intermission

Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall

Language: English, German

Registration URL: Registration is now closed

Tickets are generously sponsored by The Esplanade Co Ltd and limited to 20 CAL caregivers only.


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