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Walk for Mental Wellness Campaign

Walk for Mental Wellness (W4MW) is a fundraising campaign to raise funds for Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL). Tapping on the Tote Board’s Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme, we aim to raise at least $250,000 for a dollar-for-dollar matching from the Government.

From this campaign, we hope to raise greater awareness about mental health and CAL’s role in helping and supporting caregivers of persons with mental health issues, and to mobilise more donors and supporters for our cause. Champions who are keen advocates for mental wellness and caregiving have been invited to participate in this campaign.

You Donate $100, Champion Walks 1 km

Based on the idea of “You Donate, We Walk”, every $100 translates to 1 km in walking distance. When you channel your donation to any of the Mental Wellness Champions from the Individual or Team category, your selected Champion will clock the distance that matches the donation amount that you donated (eg $500 = 5km).

The Campaign runs from 5 April – 16 May 2021. Between 5 April and 3 May, donors can pledge their donation to any Champion of their choice. Champions are given 4 weeks to complete their walk starting from Saturday 17 April and ending on Sunday 16 May.


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