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Le Jeu & Anybody Can Dance (ABCD)

The stresses of caregiving were eased away with a twirl at Le Jeu and Anybody Can Dance on 1 September 2018, organised by Creatives Inspirit in partnership with CAL. Caregivers from various walks of life attended the two dance sessions as an engagement activity, meant to help caregivers widen their social circles and relax from the anxieties of daily life.

The sessions, led by Shanice of Creative Inspirit, encouraged creative dance moves and free expression. Participants performed to a wide range of music styles and themes, both fast and slow.

The caregivers present enjoyed the session immensely. Carol Ee, a participant, commented that she liked interacting with the four lead dancers who shared their expertise and their life stories. She said, “it was such great fun to just play, which I have forgotten as an adult. I would like to participate in such workshops again in the future.”

Le Jeu and Anybody Can Dance mark the first engagement activities from CAL making use of dance, and more such activities are soon to come. With a new website due to launch, you will be able to find an list of upcoming events here.

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