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Embark with us on a voyage this December to share the journey of a community of hidden heroes. Caring for loved ones with mental health issues is not easy, but caregivers give their best efforts every day, and show how there is great worth in selflessness and perseverance.

It is CAL's great pleasure to journey alongside these heroes – we want to be there through every tear, and to relish together every lit...

When a family member is diagnosed with a mental health condition such as depression or dementia, all family members are affected in their daily lives. In this workshop, you will gain some insights to the prevalence of mental health issues in Singapore, a better understanding of depression & dementia as well as the availability of caregiver resources for you and the community.


Venue: Zhenghua Community Club

Caregivers Connect 2019 is focused on the people who matter most to CAL – our Caregivers.

As our landmark event of the year, it’s not the typical conference you’d expect. There are no academic theories, research presentations, no exclusive invitation lists, and no guest of honour.

Instead, our guests of honour are our Caregivers. By connecting you to fellow caregivers, and bringing resources, services, and information togeth...

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden” - Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

Did you know that having access to nature makes a huge difference to your stress levels? Being around plants can help to alleviate anxiety and boost your mood, allowing you to relax and be more productive. Caregiving is often a long and lonely journey, and caregivers often do not have enough time to themselve...

It has been reported that one in three Americans, especially college students, are suffering from sleep deprivation. Singaporeans also are sleep-deprived due to the fast pace of living and the stressful demands placed on them. While a large number of Singaporeans suffer from sleep disorders, many are unaware that they do.

Caregivers of loved ones with a mental health condition may be particularly prone to a lower quality of s...

Planning for scenarios when you are no longer around may not be something you think about often. Yet it is important for caregivers to plan for their future, and to arrange their estate and finances properly for the sake of their loved ones in the long term.

Have you done sufficient estate planning to meet the needs of your loved one? Come join us at a talk on financial security and estate planning for caregivers by the Speci...

Finger painting brings art to a whole new level. Instead of traditional methods of using paintbrushes to colour canvases, finger painting inspires freedom of expression and encourages aspiring artists to use their fingers and hands as the medium of creating art. Since you are brought into close contact with the artwork by physically experiencing the textures and consistency of material, finger painting is the epitome of sensor...

It is normal to experience anxiety in response to stressful situations.

However, anxiety becomes a problem when experienced too frequently or intensely over a long period, which may cause a person to become predisposed to developing anxiety disorders.

The talk will provide participants with a better understanding of anxiety, including how stress and anxiety are interrelated. Useful strategies to counter anxiety, worries and st...

Join us at our Origami Workshop for caregivers, held at Chinatown Heritage Centre!

20 April 2019


27 April 2019

Time: 10 am - 12.30 pm

Location: 48 Pagoda Street

Please only sign up for one date.


Registration closed.

 Image courtesy of Kayo Sakamoto

There’s a bit of everything in dance. Dance is more than just exercise or movement, it is also calming to the mind, and soothing to the emotions. If you are a caregiver that needs to unwind, join Kayo Sakamoto, a Dance Movement Therapy (DTM) facilitator in her workshop for caregivers that aims to improve the physical and mental wellness of participants through dance and expression.

Kayo is pas...

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