Support for Caregivers Throughout the COVID-19 Crisis

We care. We’re here for you.

Caring for someone with mental health issues (including dementia) can often be a long, frustrating and stressful journey. The COVID-19 Circuit Breaker measures seek to curb the spread of the virus by getting all Singapore residents to stay home and reduce physical contact. This will undoubtedly add to the burden of caregiving and increase the feeling of loneliness and social isolation.

For CAL, we have to stop all face to face activities and withdraw our staff from the Caregivers Support Centre (CSC) at the Institute of Mental Health, as well as from various hospitals around Singapore. Since 7 April, we have had to close our head office at Valley Point too. That’s really painful for us because that’s where we have held many activities to engage and equip our caregivers and to help them find new friends and support from others who are just like them.

We will not be stopped by COVID-19. We will adapt and find new ways of connecting and engaging with our existing pool of caregivers. We will continue to reach out to caregivers who have yet to benefit from our services and from the sharing of the wonderful caregiver volunteers and staff in CAL.

CAL Helplines

We have increased the number of available helplines from 1 to 6! These 5 additional helplines will be manned by your familiar C2C programme managers in the respective clusters.

West Cluster: 97207590 & 97707996

Central Cluster: 97298628 & 98267115

East Cluster: 97369170

While our Valley Point Office remains closed, the helpline number 6460 4400 has been diverted and will be manned by our HQ staff.

We welcome you to talk to us if you need help during this uncertain time. CAL is committed to keeping our channels of communication open to provide c