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Mdm Manisah’s Story: The Ties that Bind

Caregiver to Sister with developmental disabilities & schizophrenia

Manisah is a caregiver for her sister Mahani who suffers from Developmental Disabilities and Schizophrenia. She also cares for her husband who has difficulty walking due to health issues. Manisah does not lose hope for her sister even though she has been unwell for more than 10 years. She stopped working to look after Mahani who required full-time attention and support due to her condition. An excellent cook, the enterprising Manisah started a home-based business selling cooked food to help supplement their income. It was challenging for Manisah as she had to juggle with caregiving duties for both her sister and her husband as well as managing her small business.

Manisah and her sister were referred to Club HEAL where they attend the rehabilitation programme twice a week. Participating in various therapeutic activities at the centre, they enjoyed much needed respite from their daily chores. They feel safe, accepted and supported and they reciprocate with love and compassion for others. To them, the staff and clients they meet at Club HEAL are like their siblings and extended family.

Despite the challenges, Manisah never once felt it is a burden to care for her sister. As the elder sister, she feels it is her responsibility to love and care for Mahani wholeheartedly. She is determined to care for Mahani who has taught her the meaning of love, until the end of their days together. The ties that bind the two loving sisters are steadfast and admirable. Manisah is glad she stepped out of her lonely caregiving journey by seeking help at Club HEAL and urges other caregivers to do the same too.


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