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Beyond Giving: Caregiver, Donor and Advocate

*Name changed to protect the identity of the caregiver.

*Michael (pseudonym) is a caregiver for his father with dementia. His journey with CAL began when a compassionate friend at church came to know of his situation and recommended he attend the C2C Dementia training programme. At first, Michael thought the programme was offered as education on dementia, but it turned out to be one that was purposefully designed to support the needs of caregivers. In his words, it was like group therapy, where everyone had the space to openly share their journeys. Having learnt of his father’s diagnosis only shortly before he attended the programme, it was a helpline in navigating the practical and emotional parts of caregiving. The community he came into was also a source of strength - understanding that he was not alone allowed him to develop resilience and wisdom.

As an expression of gratitude for the support he has received, Michael donated generously to CAL’s mission for caregivers. He recognised that caregivers may face financial barriers when it comes to support, and he believes that a helping hand should be accessible to all. And in truth, every caregiver is doing what they do out of love. For Michael, his father’s condition was a wake-up call for him to regain his relationship with his parents. From being their caregiver to a donor and advocate for fellow caregivers, he extended that love for others on the same path.

“There is no shame about your loved ones losing themselves, their personalities, or their abilities. For us as caregivers, we assume a new role, a new identity, a new season of life for our loved ones. And if you think about it, at the end of the day, everyone will go through the same journey. Caregivers need the help they need, and I’m thankful for the opportunity.”  


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