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Rotary Club Singapore West Family Caregivers Award 2023: Honouring Our Hidden Heroes

Congratulations to our Hidden Heroes Cityruth Cocoanna Christian and Edward Pang! On 23 June evening, they were honoured for their selfless dedication to their loved ones at the Rotary Club of Singapore West (RCSW) Family Caregiver Awards 2023.

The RCSW Family Caregivers Awards 2023 recognises caregivers who have given their all to their loved ones every step of the way, often at the expense of great personal and financial sacrifice. These caregivers have benefited from the services and support provided by various social service agencies, including CAL. By sharing their stories, RCSW aims to raise awareness about the crucial need to support caregivers and promote a more inclusive society.

The awards ceremony was graced by Guest-of-Honour Frank Grütter, Swiss Ambassador to Singapore. The judging panel comprised of Associate Professor Raymond Chua, Deputy Director General of Health, MOH; Mr Tan Kwang Cheak, CEO, Agency for Integrated Care; Ms Salma Khalik, Senior Health Correspondent, SPH and Mr Victor Yeap, CEO, Yeap Medical Supplies.

Each caregiver's story of love and resilience touched the hearts of all who attended. Here are Coco and Edward's stories:

Coco started her caregiving journey in childhood. After the passing of her mother, she took on the responsibility of caring for her father, who faced medical conditions. Later in life, she channelled that same devotion to her husband with schizophrenia and father-in-law with dementia. Despite a series of health issues due to a workplace accident, she maintained an optimistic attitude towards life’s challenges. She prioritised the needs of her loved ones and proactively sought support by attending both C2C PMHI and C2C Dementia programmes. For her exceptional dedication, Coco was honoured as Super Caregiver, the top award of the night.

Edward cares for several members of his family. Besides his ageing parents with health conditions, he tends to the needs of his mother-in-law and daughter. In 2021, after noticing that his mother-in-law was experiencing memory loss, Edward and his family took her for a check-up. When she was diagnosed with dementia, Edward began researching to understand how he could better care for her. Attending CAL’s C2C Dementia programme equipped him with valuable insights and a supportive community. No matter how challenging it was, Edward continued striving forward for his family. To commend his steadfast commitment, he received the Merit Award.

CAL extends our gratitude and appreciation to RCSW for acknowledging our caregivers. Their efforts undoubtedly make a meaningful difference in the lives of their loved ones and the wider community. May they soldier on bravely in their journeys!


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