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Partnership with Marymount SMC

As CAL continues to extend its outreach efforts into the community, we are happy to share that a new partnership with Marymount SMC has been established! In May 2021, CAL connected with Marymount CC to introduce a self-care talk to Marymount residents. The talk attracted more than 50 participants, and Marymount SMC's Advisor Ms. Gan Siow Huang who also attended the talk later shared in a Facebook post about bringing in more programmes to support caregivers.

Subsequently, a trauma-informed care (TIC) talk was conducted for the residents and CAL's fully-funded signature 8-week C2C Dementia Programme was introduced to educate, equip and support caregivers of loved ones with Dementia.

25 caregivers, including 17 Marymount residents attended and graduated from the 8-week course. During the graduation, participants shared openly about how they benefitted from the programme. Ms. Sharlene, a secondary caregiver to her father with dementia, attended the course together with her mother and sister, who are both the primary caregivers. She reflected that after attending the course, she was better able to understand the stress that her mother and sister goes through while caring for her father, and that she has learnt to reconnect with her father through engagement in meaningful activities.

Participant Ms. Patricia Lock also represented the class with a beautiful poem about caring for her mother with dementia:

Ms. Gan Siow Huang graced the C2C graduation and congratulated the participants on their completion of learning. In her Facebook post, Ms Gan highlighted: "Taking care of a loved one with dementia can be life changing. At the course graduation ceremony, the participants shared their personal journeys as caregivers and how the course had helped them appreciate that they're not alone and how to take care of their loved ones with dementia."

CAL would like to thank Marymount SMC and Ms Gan Siow Huang for recognising the importance of caregiver support and for empowering the hidden heroes. ❤️

If you are primary, secondary, or social caregiver to someone with a mental health condition or dementia and wish to learn how to best support your loved ones, sign up for our fully funded programmes now:


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