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Media Release - CAL 4 Mental Wellness to raise funds and awareness for caregivers


CAL invites anyone to do anything to raise funds and awareness

for caregivers of persons with mental health issues

The CAL 4 Mental Wellness campaign rallies the community, caregivers

and members of the public to start their own sub-campaigns – doing anything they like

18 April, 2022, Singapore – Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL) today launched their fundraising campaign for 2022, CAL for Mental Wellness (C4MW).

The campaign aims to have hundreds of community-led sub campaigns that help to raise awareness about mental health. It also seeks to highlight the challenges in caregiving for people with mental health issues, as well as raise the funds necessary for CAL to continue providing much-needed support and training to caregivers of persons with mental health issues.

“Through the campaign, we wish to rally the community to show up for caregivers, who are often forgotten. Caring for someone with a mental health condition can be a long, extremely challenging journey that requires many personal sacrifices. We hope that this campaign will help to reduce the stigma around mental health, and bring more understanding towards caregivers and those they care for. We also want to encourage anyone caring for someone with a mental health issue - be it a family member, friend, neighbour or colleague - to recognise that they are not alone and that help is available.” said Tim Lee, CAL’s Chief Executive Officer.

CAL 4 Mental Wellness – How It Works

Between 18 April and 16 May 2022, members of the public are invited to start sub-campaigns on the C4MW page - doing anything they want, as long as it has mental health benefits, to raise funds. This is as simple as deciding on an amount to raise, and pledging to do something for mental wellness. This could be walking, running or biking a certain distance, growing a beard, conducting an online baking class – whatever the participant chooses to do. The main objective is to rally their network to donate and participate in the activity.

For example, Benjamin could start a campaign called “Read for Mental Wellness” where he sets a Fundraising Goal of $1,000, and everyone who makes a donation, pledges to finish reading a book within the campaign period.

Throughout the campaign, CAL will organise activities to engage its caregiver and volunteer community. Prominent mental wellness advocates will be selected as ‘Mental Wellness Champions’ for the campaign and their efforts will be spotlighted. More details about these activities and Mental Wellness Champions will be announced soon.

CAL’s programmes and services are offered at no charge to caregivers of persons with mental health issues and dementia. The C4MW campaign aims to raise funds to support CAL’s programmes and services to train and strengthen the resilience of caregivers, and to raise awareness about mental health and caregiving. Tapping on the Tote Board’s Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme, we aim to raise $500,000, for dollar-to-dollar matching from the Government, capped at $250,000.

For more information, visit

Media Contacts:

Tricia Lee Head of Comms


Tel: 9150 7199

Sow Jeng Teng

Corporate Communications Executive


Tel: 8860 8715

About Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL)

Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL) is a non-profit organisation in Singapore dedicated to meeting the needs of caregivers of persons with mental health issues through education, support networks, crisis support, tailored services and self-care enablement. While there are other organisations providing support to the community affected by mental health issues, only CAL focuses exclusively on supporting caregivers.

The Caregivers-to-Caregivers (C2C) Programme for those caring for persons with mental health issues (PMHI) is CAL's signature training programme. It is a fully-funded 12-week course for caregivers to gain in-depth understanding of mental health conditions, and to enable them to care for their loved ones better through learning about self-care, communication, resilience building, advocacy and available community resources.

CAL also offers an 8-week Dementia and Eating Disorder programmes, Trauma-Informed Care workshops, as well as a Young Caregiver Programme for those aged between 15 and 25. For more information about CAL visit


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