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Media Release - Launch of CAL 4 Mental Wellness 2023


‘Caring to Move, Moving to Care’ CAL Launches ‘CAL 4 Mental Wellness 2023’ Start Your Own Sub-Campaign, Become a Mental Wellness Champion, Support the ‘Hidden Heroes’

Singapore, 26 April, 2023 — Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL)’s annual fundraising campaign, CAL 4 Mental Wellness (C4MW 2023) will run from 19 June to 16 July 2023. The campaign aims to raise awareness about mental health and caregiving, and to raise funds for CAL to continue its mission of supporting and empowering caregivers.

Anyone who wants to participate can choose an activity, set a fundraising goal and set up a sub-campaign on CAL’s platform of choice (to be announced). Whether it's a charity bake sale or a group cycling event, supporters can then choose to donate and join the activity. Individuals and interest groups are encouraged to get creative and come up with catchy campaign titles using the format: '[Activity] 4 Mental Wellness’.

See Annex A for more information on sub-campaigns.

The Many Hidden Heroes Among Us A study conducted for CAL by Milieu Insight last year revealed that more than 1 in 4 people cares for someone with a mental health issue. Whether they are primary, secondary or ad-hoc caregivers; caregivers to family members, friends or colleagues, they are all part of a vital support system – and we refer to them as Hidden Heroes.

The same study found that 51% of primary caregivers reported feeling stressed “often or all the time”, and nearly 65% of caregivers expressed wishing for more support. As the only non-profit organisation in Singapore dedicated to training and empowering caregivers, it is CAL’s mission to equip caregivers by providing the support, skills and knowledge they need to better care for their loved ones. All programmes and services are fully funded so as not to limit access to anyone who needs help.

Throughout the campaign, CAL will share stories of those who have taken up the challenge to advocate for mental wellness. All sub-campaign participants will be called “Mental Wellness Champions” and we will spotlight their efforts on our website and social media channels.

The campaign aims to raise $500,000, with help from dollar-to-dollar matching through Tote Board’s Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme.

More details on how to participate will be shared closer to the start of the campaign. Media Contacts:

Tricia Lee

Head of Communications, Caregivers Alliance Limited

Mobile: +65 9150 7199

Grace Lim

Communications Executive, Caregivers Alliance Limited

Mobile: +65 9824 5141

About Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL)

CAL is the only non-profit organisation in Singapore dedicated to training and empowering mental health caregivers through education and support. Support for this group is crucial as their journey can be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding.

The Caregivers-to-Caregivers (C2C) Programme for Persons with Mental Health Issues (PMHI) is CAL's signature training programme. It is a fully funded 12-week course for caregivers to gain in-depth understanding of mental health conditions, and enable them to care for their loved ones better through learning about self-care, communication, resilience building, advocacy and available community resources.

CAL also offers 8-week Dementia and Eating Disorder programmes, as well as a Young Caregiver Programme for those aged between 15 and 35.

For more information about CAL, visit


C4MW - Starting A Sub-Campaign From 19 June to 16 July 2023, members of the public are invited to rally their networks and create sub-campaigns featuring activities that are beneficial to mental well-being. They are free to decide the type of activity and the amount they wish to pledge for their efforts.

Here’s an example of what a sub-campaign could look like:

John and his cycling buddies decide to start a sub-campaign on called “Biker Boys for Mental Wellness.” They pledge to cycle 5 km for every $500 raised and set a fundraising goal of $8,000. Through their networks and social media, they invite cycling enthusiasts from outside the group to join them in their mission. Anyone interested in supporting their campaign can simply make a donation, and join the cycling group either virtually or on their scheduled group rides.

Sample Campaign Description:

We’re a group of cycling buddies who want to raise funds for caregivers while doing what we love! For every $500 raised, we will ride 5 km. Donate to challenge us and push us to our limits! Add BikerBoys on Strava to see our routes and join us on our rides.

Some ideas for sub-campaigns:

  • Distance-Based Activities: Run, walk, cycle, or swim a specific distance to match an amount donated

  • Random Acts of Kindness: Pledge to perform a good deed or do something nice for someone with every $x donated

  • Share Your Skills: Conduct a class or event and contribute the proceeds to the sub-campaign

  • Businesses for Mental Wellness: Show your customers you care by pledging a small portion of your sales to a sub-campaign. Great CSR opportunity!

Details on how to participate will be released closer to the start of the campaign.


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