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It's on us to check in. Amberletter someone today!

In December 2018, CAL launched AmberletterSG, a 12-week awareness campaign on Instagram. The initiative called on all in Singapore to care for those feeling sad and down during the festive season. By encouraging readers to reach out to the largely unnoticed group in society at risk of depression or even suicide, we hoped to send the message that anyone can be a caregiver. We introduced CALBear, a character who goes through different life scenarios that a person at risk might face. Amberletter received support from local celebrities such as Hossan Leong, Chua En Lai, and Narelle Kheng.

This year, we bade goodbye to CALBear, and welcomed a new tagline for Amberletter – “It’s on us to check in. Amberletter someone today!”

Now, we are giving the public (that’s right, it’s you!) a chance to contribute caregiving tips and personal stories of Amberletter. Let us know how little acts of caring have impacted you, and get featured in the campaign! Drop us an e-mail at, or simply contact us through the Amberletter Facebook or Instagram!

Follow our ongoing campaign on Instagram and Facebook here:

Don’t forget to Amberletter someone today!


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