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What's Next? Caregivers Connect 2020

For those who missed Caregivers Connect 2019 on 7 September, or who can't wait for another event, we are pleased to announce that Caregivers Connect 2020 is coming next year! Are you keen in planning for the next event? We are looking for dedicated volunteers: do come join us as part of the Planning Committee for Caregivers Connect 2020. If you have relevant experiences in event conceptualisation, organisation and facilitation, and are interested in being in a dedicated team to run the next Caregivers Connect, please reach out to us! You will need to commit to attending regular meetings and be willing to run all aspects of the event as organisers. (Subject to suitability) Interested or have questions? Let us know by contacting us through this form: Enquiries You may also contact us to tell us what you want to see at next year's event!

Please watch this space for updates on Caregivers Connect 2020.

Need a recap of what happened during Caregivers Connect 2019? See below for more:





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