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From Good To Better: Team CAL Staff Retreat 2023!

Team CAL recently made a conscious commitment to prioritise self-care by disconnecting from our devices and embarking on a rejuvenating retreat to Bintan. This retreat is particularly significant as it marked the first time since 2019 that we could come together outside of the office environment, offering a rare chance to strengthen our connections and get to know our newer colleagues.

Amidst shared meals and fun activities, we fostered bonds through heartfelt conversations, creating memories that will last a long time.

As many of us are caregivers, this retreat also served as a crucial respite and a refreshing change of scenery. During our time together, we engaged in fruitful discussions on how to enhance our support for caregivers, attended a workshop on authentic communication, and gained insight into the remarkable accomplishments of our colleagues.

Now, we have returned invigorated and ready to serve our caregiver community with an even higher level of dedication and excellence!


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