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Celebrating Volunteer Milestones: A Look Back at August and September

Let's look back at the engaging activities that have involved and enriched our volunteers over the last 2 months! August Highlight

We gathered for a heartwarming Volunteer Get Together session in CAL's HQ office. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet our ad-hoc volunteers - the unsung heroes behind class sharings, event booths, and interviews. We shared our deepest appreciation for their unwavering support. The session not only strengthened our bond but also provided crucial insight into what would be most beneficial for caregivers and their loved ones.

September Highlight

We were thrilled by the energy and participation of our staff and volunteers in our "Building Audience Engagement and Involvement" workshop. This interactive session was a confidence booster, helping us craft powerful speeches and connect deeply with our audience. We explored the concept of the "Power of Five" - dissecting the who, what, when, where, and why of our messages. This knowledge empowered us to tell compelling stories that captivate our audience. A big thank you to Anirudh, Carla, and the team from Deutsche Bank for their constructive guidance, and to S P Jain School of Global Management for the venue sponsorship. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to journey and grow together! 😊


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