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A Walk in the Park Gives Caregivers a Chance to Bond

On 27 July 2019, CAL held A Walk in the Park at Gardens by the Bay. Attended by 43 participants and 16 volunteers (attendees were caregivers and their loved ones), it was an activity for the whole family. The event provided the opportunity for caregivers to step out of their familiar social groups and mix with other caregivers. It also allowed those who had not connected with CAL for a long time to re-engage with the caregiver community. Games such as bingo and a treasure hunt were conducted, ensuring interaction between participants and fostering a sense of community spirit. The first of CAL’s event in 2019 to be held entirely outdoors, A Walk in the Park saw organisers and participants alike decked out in sports attire like caps and sunglasses, all ready for the activities. Despite the hot weather, there were big smiles on the faces of participants as they explored the less well-trodden area of the Gardens by the Bay and enjoyed the greenery. As a family centred event, A Walk in the Park was successful in including young and old from all walks of life. There were even two wheelchair bound participants, who through the generous help of their groupmates, were able to take part in the activities – including touring the gardens during the treasure hunt. The event showed the dedication of CAL’s many volunteers. Through the strong turnout of volunteers for the day, each group was able to have a volunteer leader to guide them. As a show of appreciation to the volunteers who gave up much of their time to support A Walk in the Park, CAL is planning to have a get together to celebrate the event’s success. After a fulfilling day out in the sun, we hope for many more successful engagement activities!

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