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CAL Photo Competition ‘Caregiving is …’ [Winners Revealed]

CAL organised its first photography competition this year, with shortlisted entries being displayed at Caregivers Connect 2019. Unsurprisingly, the most popular entries voted by our caregivers were those that tugged at their heartstrings. Perhaps only a caregiver understands the significance of these precious caregiving moments.

Congratulations to our winning participants! Scroll below to view the winning entries.

Pictures and stories are valuable to us, especially in raising awareness for caregivers. Even though the competition has ended, we welcome all who would like to share a photo and a caregiving story with us. Your entries may be showcased at our events and publicity materials. Send an e-mail to us at!


"Caregiving is a role you cannot comprehend without experiencing it for yourself. Caregivers are a diverse group – they can be young and old, male and female, from many different backgrounds. Here at Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL), we applaud them all as the hidden heroes in our midst.

These hidden heroes are often so good at advocating and being the mouthpiece of their loved ones’ needs, but yet are silent to their own. Many of them are too shy to share about their successes, and may at times even feel that they are taking too much “credit”.

CAL’s photo exhibition gives caregivers an outlet to express experiences of their caregiving journey. Through thoughtfully chosen snapshots from the treasure trove of their private world, our hidden heroes invite the public to take a glimpse into theirs.

Caregivers do what they do with love, courage, spirit, strength, and vulnerability all wrapped up in one package. Their role is truly extraordinary. That’s the humble role of a caregiver."


Top prize

"A caregiver's journey has many moments of imperfection. But with love, this makes taking each step so much more meaningful." | Submitted by Diana Ann

Diana took some time out of her caregiving duties to enroll in a Photoshop course, and created this beautiful masterpiece featuring her elderly parents lovingly holding hands!


2nd prize

"Caregiving is to always be there to support, care and love; to give a little light in the darkness; to hold hands and be together to stay strong, make bitter become better, and see the beautiful life we have ahead. Sometimes it’s really hard but with love everything is possible." | Submitted by Eliza

Bringing a loved one out to relish the outdoors and fresh air may sound easy to many. For a caregiver, it may be one of the hardest things to do. Here is Eliza's mother, in a rare day out of the house, enjoying the sea breeze with family.


3rd prize

"Caregiving is walking side by side, keeping company, supporting and empowering your loved one." | Submitted by Tony Kee

To Tony, this picture symbolises the family walking together towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Tony's wife is seen walking closely behind his mother-in-law who has dementia. Evelyn (Tony's wife) hopes to build confidence and independence in her mother, and thus lets her lead the way while Evelyn follows closely behind.

Read about Tony's and Evelyn's story on Channel News Asia and our Stories page.


4th prize

"Food that provided the caregivers a channel to connect and give." | Submitted by Tony Koh

Here is a precious photo of Tony's mother and mother-in-law having a meal! Food has a special touch in bonding activities, and nothing beats a family meal enjoyed together.

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