CAL Charity Lunch 2019 照顾者慈善午宴 2019






Embark with us on a voyage this December to share the journey of a community of hidden heroes. Caring for loved ones with mental health issues is not easy, but caregivers give their best efforts every day, and show how there is great worth in selflessness and perseverance.

It is CAL's great pleasure to journey alongside these heroes – we want to be there through every tear, and to relish together every little victory. No journey is without struggles, but as we encourage each other to keep our heads high, we can see the beauty in caregiving.

We invite you to join us. On 7 December, our Charity Lunch 2019 at Shangri-la celebrates caregivers and their experiences through sharing sessions, musical tributes and much more. For many caregivers, it is a long journey ahead, but our time of celebration together is a necessary rest stop.

Come be a part of this meaningful lunch, or if you cannot make it, do support us by sponsoring a seat!

7 December 2019 (Saturday), 12 noon – 2 pm
Shangri-la Hotel
Tower Ballroom
22 Orange Grove Road S(258350)






能够陪伴我们的“英雄”们一起走过照顾的旅程是照顾者联盟(CAL)最大的快乐 — 不管是每一滴艰辛的眼泪,还是每一次小小的胜利,我们都希望陪伴在大家身边。没有任何一段旅程是没有困难挣扎的,但是当我们互相鼓励,努力抬头,我们就能看到照顾旅程中美好的一面。





星期六,2019年12月7日, 中午12点至下午2点

香格里拉大酒店 Shangri-la Hotel

Tower Ballroom, 22 Orange Grove Road S(258350)

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