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CAL's Focus on Caregivers


When we suffer from a mental health issue, our primary source of support is often from those closest to us; less than a third will seek professional help. Yet mental health profoundly impacts our well-being and productivity; the economic impact in work lost (both for patients and caregivers) and healthcare costs are significant. The ones with the greatest impact on those with mental health issues are the caregivers. At CAL, we aim to support this vital group.


Feedbacks and reflections from caregivers who attended C2C classes.


  • Project Mind over Matter: Interviews with Caregivers

  • Leaving Fear Behind

  • Hidden Heroes: Tales from Caregivers

  • and more...

Useful Articles for Caregivers

  • 5 Good Habits of Happy People

  • Being Kind

Am I a Caregiver?

A caregiver to a person with mental health issues can be anyone. They may be close family members... read more

Common Mental Health Questions​

  • Hallucinations & Delusions

  • Elevated Mood & Depressed Mood