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#YOLO2020, One Year On

A year ago, on 28 November 2018, #YOLO2020 was officially launched. Today, we mark the one-year anniversary of the launch with an update on all that’s been going on!

The Story of #YOLO2020 #YOLO2020 started as a challenge. It began with a desire by Mr Yeo Siak Ling and Mr Uantchern Loh to not only set foot on the peak of the highest mountain in the world, but to do it as a journey to raise funds in support of the mental health cause in Singapore.

Combining their surnames together, they came up with the name #YOLO2020: “YOLO” means You Only Live Once, reflecting their desire to make the most out of life to benefit others, and 2020 is the year they set to accomplish the challenge. Together with Mr Chew Sutat, Chairman of CAL, the trio founded #YOLO2020.

You can read more about #YOLO2020 here:

One Year On

Over the last year, two of the campaign co-founders Siak Ling and Uantchern have been on a number of climbs, including to Mount Kinabalu. They are steadily getting prepared to take on Everest in April next year.

The campaign has grown. There are now two groups of volunteers who will support Siak Ling and Uantchern by climbing to Everest Base Camp. CAL will also be sending a team as part of the campaign! These teams have been busy preparing to climb. With two briefings conducted so far, and numbers consistently growing, the campaign now comprises climbers from NCSS, SGX, Deutsche Bank, Resilience Collective, IMH, AIC, Accenture, Ingenuity, and Make The Change.

CAL’s team has been training together on weekends at Singapore’s own ‘Everest’ - Bukit Timah Hill! Although a far cry from the Everest Base Camp Trek’s highest point of 5,644m, repeated hikes on the nature reserve’s steep steps have been a good way for the team to prepare for the end challenge.

Through the months, we have been inspired by the resilience and hard work of our supporters. Some even train every week, like husband and wife pair Fermin (Deputy CEO of NCSS) and Su-Yen, whose active updates on social media serve as strong means of advocacy for #YOLO2020.

Follow us on Facebook to be introduced to some team members that will be climbing to Everest Base Camp in end-April next year, and find out more about what motivates them! You can also follow the #YOLO2020 action during hike, which will take place over almost two weeks, as we bring you updates straight from the those on the climb.

Support Us!

Our team will be making the ascent to Everest Base Camp as a tribute to caregivers who often face difficult ups and downs in their caregiver journeys. Do donate to the #YOLO2020 cause: funds received through the campaign will go towards equipping caregivers to better care for their loved ones through training programmes and emotional support.

Support the CAL team and donate to the YOLO2020 campaign here!


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