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Launch of ‘WIN Caregivers Network’: A Pilot Project by CAL and People’s Association

CAL’s E2E Team with Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment and Transport Amy Khor, Advisor to WIN Council

CAL is honoured to be a partner of the “WIN Caregivers Network”, an initiative launched by People’s Association Women’s Integration Network (WIN) Council and Women’s Executive Committees (WECs), with CAL and NCSS.

It was announced in Parliament last month that caregivers of people with mental health issues in six divisions – Nee Soon East, Fengshan, Bukit Gombak, Hong Kah North/Gombak, and Henderson/Dawson – will soon be able to tap on a new support network that is to be piloted for one year, starting May. This network aims to enable caregivers to connect and share experiences and equip them with knowledge on managing mental health conditions.

Since the announcement, CAL’s Engagement to Empowerment (E2E) Team has been working closely with partners from all six PA sites, reaching out to residential caregivers through psychoeducation (i.e. CAL’s signature talks and C2C Programmes), thereafter channelling those who need long-term structured peer support to our 12-month C4C Programme.

The pilot is part of the White Paper on Singapore’s Women’s Development that was announced last month, which seeks a fairer and more inclusive society with 25 action plans in 5 areas. We are heartened that one of these involves paying more attention to the well-being of the caregivers among us.


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