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Walk for Mental Wellness: Campaign Summary

The Walk for Mental Wellness (W4MW) Campaign has drawn to a close! CAL would like to express our utmost appreciation to everyone who made this campaign a FUN and SUCCESSFUL one! 🎉 Your contributions will allow us to reach out to even more caregivers in need, and we are deeply grateful. ❤️

Over 6 weeks from 5 April to 16 May, not only did we hit our target of raising at least $250,000, our 18 Mental Wellness Champions and their supporters collectively walked a whopping 9574km 👣 in support of mental wellness and caregiving!

Raising Awareness Through Heart Work❤️

Through the campaign, we witnessed how Mental Wellness Champions and their supporters were able to walk in support of mental health and caregiving, despite the Covid-19 restrictions. Everyone adhered to the safe-distancing measures while clocking the distance, and kept connected digitally through the campaign's club on the Strava App. This spreads the message that though separated, we are NEVER ALONE.

Walking in Solidarity for Mental Wellness and Caregiving

A BIG thank you to all once again, for responding to the call for greater awareness of mental health and for showing solidarity with caregivers as they continue to selflessly care for their loved ones - especially in this challenging time of the pandemic.

The fundraiser will open till 30 June 2021. It’s not too late if you still wish to support us!


Final Post Event Update

30 June marked the end of CAL's Walk for Mental Wellness 2021 Campaign.

We raised a total of $610,845, including $250,000 from dollar-to-dollar matching by Toteboard!

Out of the 692 individual donors, 537 are new donors. We are delighted that there are 537 individuals who now understand CAL’s cause and have been moved to donate & support us!

Funds raised will go towards supporting caregivers through our programmes. Click here to find out how you can contribute.


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