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From C2C Participants to Student Podcasters - SUSS Cares Podcast on Mental Health & Caregiving

SUSS students Amanda, Magdeline and Adia met while attending CAL's Caregivers-to-Caregivers Training Programme (C2C) for Young Caregivers.

After graduating from the C2C Programme, the trio were inspired to do more. They wanted to create a platform to connect and engage Singapore youths and young adults, where the sensitive yet highly important topics of mental health, caregiving and recovery could be openly discussed.

And thus, the Souls Engaged podcast was born.

In the first episode, the three hosts set the tone in an open and honest session, relating their own personal struggles with mental health, what they went through and how they coped. Online bullying, struggles with sexual identity and eating disorders are all discussed.

Believing that youths are more open to seeking help and less afraid to speak up, Amanda, Magdeline and Adia hope that their podcast can reassure teenagers and young adults that they are not alone, and to empower them to come forward to share their own experiences.

In the episodes to come, guest speakers will be invited onto the show, including a person-in-recovery who will share her experience, members of SUSS OWLS (a student peer support group) who will be providing tips on how to become better peer supporters, as well as a CAL Staff who will be speaking about her own journey of recovery and the importance of self-care.

When asked what they learnt from attending C2C, Adia said “It was interesting to learn about the types of mental health conditions and how everyone's journey and experience is unique and different." Magdeline and Amanda found the communication tips most valuable. "I have always been a straightforward person, but through the course I have learned to phrase my words differently to be more recovery-oriented, " Magdeline tells us.

Listen to Souls Engaged on Spotify:

For more information, follow their Instagram: @s0ulsengaged


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