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Rosaline’s Story - Caregiver to Son with autism

A loving mother, Rosaline, gives a lot of herself to her family.

When her five-year-old son, Ian, was diagnosed with autism, she dedicated all her time to nurturing and supporting him. From planning activities to creating learning resources to engage her son, she was determined to help him overcome his challenges and develop his potential.

Being the main caregiver to Ian was taking a toll on Rosaline’s emotional and mental well-being, and this worried her husband, Swee Keong. He wanted to support his son’s development and strengthen his relationship with his child. Yet, he was unsure of how he could do so.

In July 2022, Swee Keong and Rosaline learned about Care Corner Counselling Centre and its play therapy programme (Child SPaCE)*. The family contacted the centre and was referred to counsellor Pearleen Ong.

Through the parents’ counselling sessions, the couple were given a safe space to share openly about their caregiving challenges, previously unspoken concerns, and the support they needed from each other.

Using play therapy, Pearleen was also able to engage Ian with customised activities to help him learn how to build social connections. She also guided his parents on ways to engage him and develop his skills at home, improving their parent-child bonds.

Rosaline shares, “We have learned so much from the sessions, and it has been helpful in addressing our family’s needs. During my child’s therapy time, I also get some personal time. That has been precious to me. But most importantly, our child really enjoys the play therapy sessions. His joy is priceless.”

Picture of play therapy room

*Play therapy allows our counsellors to connect with children who may have difficulties verbalising their thoughts and feelings. It allows children to make meaning of what they are going through and improve their emotional wellness.


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