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Relax Creatively with Nagomi Art #1

Caregiving for a loved one with mental health issue is a challenging journey with a lot of ups and downs. CAL aims to help caregivers achieve a high level of well-being and resilience through the engagement to empowerment (E2E) strategy. The E2E strategy calls for CAL to engage more, equip more and empower more. Through this strategy, CAL wishes for caregivers to practice self-care and reconnect with fellow caregivers by joining our E2E engagement activities such as the upcoming Pastel Nagomi Art session.

Originated from Japan, Pastel Nagomi Art is a form of Japanese healing art using pastels and fingers with simple but unique techniques to create a warm and gentle piece of artwork.

Pastel Nagomi Art is known for its therapeutic and calming effect on one’s mind, as the participants go through the process to choose and blend the colours and complete their art pieces by themselves. It is an art for anyone and everyone, and do not require participants to be artistically talented or experienced.


Date: 26 February 2021, Friday

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm (bilingual session)

Venue: CAL Valley Point Head Office 491-B River Valley Road

#04-04 Valley Point Office Tower

Singapore 248373

Facilitator: Ms Kathleen Chia Associate Instructor, Japan Pastel Hope Art Association Outreach Manager (Community), Caregivers Alliance Limited

Registration URL: Due to overwhelming responses, registration is closed.

Due to strict safe distancing measures, there are limited seats. This activity is strictly for CAL caregivers only.


照顾患有精神疾病的亲人是一个充满艰辛的旅程。通过参与至赋权力(Engagement to Empowerment)的策略,照顾者联盟(CAL)希望帮助照顾者实现高水平的福祉感(well-being)与心理韧性(resilience)。E2E策略推动CAL提供更多的参与,更多的具备技能,及更多的赋权力。按照这项策略,CAL希望照顾者能够通过参与我们的E2E活动,例如来临的和谐粉彩艺术工坊(Pastel Nagomi Art),来练习自我照顾以及与其他照顾者们重新联系。

源自于日本, 和谐粉彩艺术作坊是一种康复性艺术,它使用蜡笔和手指通过简单但独特的技术来制作出温暖而柔和的艺术品。



日期: 2021年2月26日,星期五

时间: 下午7:00pm – 8:30pm (中英双语进行)

地点: 照顾者联盟总部, 491-B River Valley Rd

#04-04 Valley Point Office Tower Singapore 248373

作坊导师: Ms Kathleen Chia 培训导师, 日本粉彩希望艺术协会 外展经理(社区), 照顾者联盟(CAL)

注册链接: 由于反应热烈,注册已关闭。



Post Event Update

13 caregivers participated in the Relax Creatively with Pastel Nagomi Art engagement activity on 26 February which was facilitated by our Outreach Manager (Community), Kathleen Chia who is also an Associate Instructor with Japan Pastel Hope Art Association and People’s Association (PA) trainer.

During the session, participants were exposed to the basic techniques and encouraged to use their creativity to create their artwork. They shared that the session was therapeutic, especially in light of the current pandemic, and marvelled with their completed art pieces at the end of the session.

One of our caregivers, Wee Soo Bin, shared: “I am thankful to CAL and the sponsors for providing the Nagomi Art set for us (the caregivers) to paint at our leisure time. This is definitely another form of self-care for us all.”

Do look out for the next run of Relax Creatively with Pastel Nagomi Art engagement activity in April 2021.


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