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President’s Visit to CAL for President’s Challenge 2023

Mdm President with CAL CEO Tim Lee and caregivers who benefitted from CAL's C2C programmes
Mdm President with CAL CEO Tim Lee and caregivers who benefitted from CAL's C2C programmes

On 21st July 2022, we were honoured to have President Halimah Yacob visit the CAL office to announce that the theme of the President’s Challenge 2023 (PC2023) will be “Caring for Caregivers”.

Mdm President was invited to watch a touching video that featured several of our caregivers relating their experiences. Those of them who were present at the event also had the opportunity to speak to her directly, and many spoke about how our Caregivers-to-Caregivers (C2C) programmes had provided them with the knowledge and support to help them through their caregiving journeys.

As Nadia, one of our volunteers, said, “Joining C2C was very enlightening. I was introduced to a community of caregivers who came from different walks of life. It’s a safe space for all of us to be able to come together and talk about our fears and anxieties.”

CAL CEO Tim Lee explained that CAL exists for caregivers of persons with mental health issues – the “hidden heroes” who have to deal with the stigma associated with mental illnesses.

“They feel that others will not understand what they and their loved ones are going through, so many struggle on their own and feel very alone.”

C2C programmes are special because volunteer caregivers co-facilitate the trainings with staff, and it is the availability of such a support network that spurs caregivers on, knowing they are not alone.

Noting the diverse profiles of our caregivers and how they may be underserved despite their importance in the social support ecosystem, Mdm President stated that PC2023 will focus on caregivers. This includes funding programmes from social service agencies that run support programmes for caregivers, enabling them to find sustainable jobs and providing their needs through existing schemes and resources.

CAL is grateful for the support, and we are hopeful that this will bring more understanding, awareness and community to the hidden heroes among us.


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