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Podcast on Mental Health Caregivers: Challenges & Solution

Caregiving is a crucial but often overlooked part of the mental health ecosystem, and we are glad that the ‘Rebound with Resilience’ mental health podcast recently tackled the topic. The episode, hosted by Kevin Wee featured Veena, CAL’s Outreach and Programme Manager (Children & Youth), and Esther, one of the co-founders of the Prepare to Care campaign.

Esther spoke about witnessing her mother’s care and concern towards her sister with depression, which resulted in her feeling left out and resentful. However, after embarking on the Prepare to Care campaign and listening to caregiver accounts, she understands her mother was doing her best given the situation. Through the campaign, Esther hopes to reassure caregivers that their efforts in supporting their loved ones are admirable, and that they shouldn’t be too hard on themselves.

With 13 years of experience in the mental health field, Veena shares her professional perspective on the mental health caregiving landscape in Singapore. She notes that a persistent challenge faced by caregivers is stigma, as misperceptions and misconceptions about mental health remain prevalent. She urges caregivers to seek support from CAL, who will support and journey with them as they care for their loved ones.

On 19 February, the Prepare to Care team will be hosting a webinar titled “Caring with Confidence” from 10 am to 12 pm. The panel will touch on topics such as self-regulation of emotions, recognising signs of caregiver burnout, and finding the silver linings in our caregiving situations. Expert panellists include Dr. Ong Say How, Senior Consultant and Chief, Department of Developmental Psychiatry at IMH, Tim Lee, Executive Director of CAL, as well as Kevin Wee from Rebound with Resilience. Sign up here.

Rebound with Resilience Podcast is a niche podcast dedicated to raising the resilience, mindset, and mental wellness of our society. Its founder, Kevin Wee is a passionate speaker, podcaster and edupreneur. Having lived through and overcome depression and mania, he developed a deep responsibility and drive for helping others in similar situations.

Prepare to Care is a campaign led by four passionate final-year students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communications and Information, and supported by the Institute of Mental Health Singapore. The campaign aims to inspire and equip youth caregivers aged 7 to 19 with practical tools to help their loved ones.

Tune in to the podcast now:


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