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Mr Asim Ejaz’s Story - Loving Bravely

Caregiver to Wife, member from ACC Yishun

My wife (Mdm Asmaa Binte Abdul Jabbar) has been receiving psychiatric rehabilitation services from Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS) for more than 10 years. She had previously stayed at the residential facility at Anglican Care Centre (ACC) (Simei), and when we had gotten the keys to our new Build-To-Own (BTO) flat, she continued to receive support from ACC (Yishun). Through counselling, both my wife and I have a better understanding of her condition. The communication between us has also improved - she is able to better express her experiences, thoughts, and feelings, and I know how to support her better. Knowing that my wife is getting better at managing her condition effectively now, I go to work everyday feeling more at ease.

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