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Mental Health Series Collaboration With Our Better World

Since July 2020, CAL partnered Our Better World (OBW), a non-profit online storyteller and the digital storytelling initiative of Singapore International Foundation. OBW tells stories of people and organizations doing good and making a positive impact in their communities. Last year, they launched a Mental Health Series that was focused on the caregiving aspect of mental health, the stigma that surrounds caregivers and the stress they endure especially without support from the community.

OBW’s Mental Health Series ran from 8 October to 4 November 2020. We were very pleased to partner them and helped advocate further for the needs of our caregivers.

1. Video: Compassion Fatigue | A mental health caregiver’s story

The 7-minute video shone the spotlight completely on caregivers of persons with mental health issues (PMHI), where 4 x our caregivers shared about their struggles and challenges faced while providing emotional support to each other in a physical C2C class mock-up (within the COVID safety measures). This video was directed by an award-winning director, Mak Chun Kit. Our 4 caregiver volunteers had a highly engaging and encouraging sharing session whilst they were filmed at CAL office.

OBW’s intention is not only to tell a good story but also to bring impact and value to the good work in CAL.

2. Interactive Video: A Quiet Ripple

As part of the resource section for OBW’s Mental Health Series, an interactive video was created to enlist viewers to make choices that progresses the storyline accordingly and draws out the reality of how our actions contribute to the matter at hand. Through the video, OBW place the viewers in the perspective of a PMHI caregiver and the viewers will journey through at least 3 decision making moments that will progress the story and eventually arrive at 1 of 2 outcomes which are aimed at conveying the key messages for caregivers.

‘A Quiet Ripple’ tells the story of Frederick, a father in his 50s, coping with his son’s suicide attempt. It is a journey less spoken about, the aftermath of a child’s suicide attempt, and tackling relatable moments of anxiety and unspoken trauma, and the hope of rebuilding trust again.

In line with the first video on caregivers’ sharing, CAL staff were involved in one of the scenes of a physical C2C class mock-up where the father, Frederick, seeks support from CAL by attending our C2C training.

3. Community Blog: Re-published caregivers’ stories

OBW re-published our caregivers’ stories by Natalie Tan (Life Goes On) and Christine Tan (Love Weathers Through) on OBW’s community blog.

Please read the stories here.

4. Panellist for the OBW Community Event

CAL’s Executive Director, Mr Tim Lee was one of the panellists for the virtual community event for the Mental Health Series which discussed on caring for caregivers on 5 November 2020.


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