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Mdm Ezwani’s Story: Tough Times Won’t Last; Tough People Do - Caregiver to Son with bipolar disorder

Ezwani had been a caregiver when her son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about a year ago. The challenges and uncertainties she experienced happened so fast; she felt it was surreal, as if she was caught in a whirlwind. It was also a confusing period for her. At times she would feel like everything was manageable and the next, her world would crumble and she would be filled with fears and worries.

Ezwani told herself it is only human nature to worry when one experiences pain and hardship. As such, ever the pragmatic person, she decided she had to focus on the present for the sake of the future.

She met other like-minded people who reached out to her at Club HEAL. It is from such a supportive network of caregivers that she drew strength from; their care, love and gentleness motivated her to soldier on.

Ezwani is now a strong caregiver advocate and believes in helping others like herself. She often affirmed others with this empowering statement “Hey! It’s OK to not be OK” and lives by the mantra that “Tough times won’t last, tough people do!”. Let’s spread Ezwani’s positivity to the caregivers in our midst that they can do it too!


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