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Let’s Take A Walk 2022

A big THANK YOU to the staff, volunteers and caregivers that helped Team CAL walk 100km at Let’s Take A Walk (LTAW) 2022!

LTAW is a round-island endurance walking event that started back in 1997. Each year, proceeds from the registration fees and donations go to a beneficiary, and CAL is honoured to have been chosen this year. To express our thanks and support, CAL former and existing staff, volunteers and caregivers rallied to take on the 100KM route as a nine-team relay.

Full route taken by Team CAL
Full route taken by Team CAL

CAL CEO Tim Lee flagged off the enthusiastic contingent at Singapore Sports Hub's 100Plus Promenade at 7am on Saturday, and the CAL team took turns to walk distances that ranged from 5 to 18km. After braving rain, sun, monkeys and a horde of bats, the team reached the finish line well within the given time at noon on Sunday. Through the stormy afternoon and long, quiet night, there was unanimous acknowledgement that having each other for support made all the difference.

The journey of someone caring for a person with mental health issues is also an endurance walk. It is important that caregivers receive encouragement along the way and aspire to see the light at the end of their long road. This is also the message behind this year’s theme, “Caring To Go The Distance”.

In total, more than 1,000 participants joined LTAW 2022 in support of CAL’s mission to empower caregivers. We are deeply grateful to Raleigh Singapore and the LTAW team for their amazing dedication, and we thank everyone who was part of Team CAL, enabling us to achieve this milestone!

If you would like to support caregivers and help us keep our programmes free, do make a donation at our page.


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