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“It’s Ok Not To Be Okay”: Mental Wellness Dialogue with Moulmein-Cairnhill GRC residents

Moulmein-Cairnhill GRC is making a concerted effort to promote good mental well-being among its residents. CAL and other mental health organisations were recently invited to participate in one such outreach event, “It’s Ok Not To Be Okay”. The event aimed to enable empowered conversations about mental health through a panel dialogue, and the introduction of available mental health support resources.

CAL CEO Tim Lee, who was featured on the panel, shared with the audience some of the motivations behind our work for caregivers. Caregivers often undergo a lot of stress while facing their responsibilities, where even carving out time and space for themselves can be a guilt-ridden task. Taking time to address their own needs and emotions can help to create balance in their lives. More importantly, the wider community can step up and form a circle of support for these caregivers.

About 100 residents and members of the public across all ages and backgrounds turned up at the event to learn what they can do to care for themselves and the people around them. CAL Community Outreach Manager Kathleen Chia, together with our volunteers, provided the attendees with information about how CAL’s programmes and services can help their families and friends.

CAL is also glad to know that the Moulmein-Cairnhill Well-Being Circle has been training volunteers to act as peer supporters within the constituency. We hope that this will encourage a more compassionate society, where we can give both others and ourselves a helping hand and say, “It is okay to not be okay”.

Photo credits: Moulmein-Cairnhill GRC


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