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Hush TeaBar: A Pause to Reconnect with Caregivers

On 24 February, over 30 Staff and Caregiver Volunteers from Caregivers Alliance participated in a unique workshop co-facilitated by founder Anthea Ong and a trained Deaf TeaRista from Hush TeaBar.

Hush is a social enterprise that aims to bring self-care and social inclusion to every workplace and community, one cup of tea at a time.

The participants learned how to express basic emotions - from happy, sad, to anxious, stressed, and angry - in American Sign Language (ASL). As a surprise, participants were also taught how to sign “I’m a caregiver”. The session allowed them to wind down and reconnect with themselves - a rare opportunity for the caregivers who are often caught up in a hectic and fast paced routine.

Check out this tiktok video of what went on:


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