Empowered with the Right Knowledge to Provide the Best Care

“With the right education and knowledge, you can be empowered to provide caregiving for your loved ones too.” -- Shufen, a person in recovery, who now provides care for her aunt with dementia.

Shufen, 37 years old, was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2005. Through treatment and support from her family, she has been able to overcome the auditory and visual hallucinations, and is currently on a SG United Programme for a Diploma in Digital Programme. Apart from occasional mild symptoms, Shufen says she can now cope with daily life and remains optimistic about her rehabilitation process.

A decade into Shufen’s recovery journey however, fate struck another blow. The aunt who raised her was diagnosed with dementia. As it was no longer viable for her aunt to continue being a homemaker, the family decided to hire a domestic helper to manage the household chores.

“She could no longer cook and take care of us,” says Shufen, recounting her aunt’s early signs of dementia. “When the helper was cleaning the house, she always wanted to help out, so we let her do simple tasks like folding laundry. Sometimes, she would say that she wanted to go home, and we had to gently tell her that she was already at home.”