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Climb for Mental Wellness Campaign Report

Over 6 weeks from 6 June to 18 July, 1956 participants collectively climbed 227,829,050 steps and raised a total of $187,295 for caregivers of Persons with Mental Health Issues. Thank you for your participation and support!

Through the campaign, we sought to reduce stigma and raise awareness for mental illnesses and caregiving. We wanted to unite our caregiver community as well as our donors and supporters to engage in healthy physical activities regularly during the COVID19 period. Each time they engaged in those activities, we hope their mind will be directed towards a bigger purpose that goes beyond the daily grind of staying/working at home – Climb for Mental Wellness!

EVERYONE made it to Everest Base Camp! (Virtually)

It takes 85,301 steps to complete the 65 km hike to base camp. On average, each of the 1956 participants completed 116,114 steps! Yes! All 1956 participants crossed the finishing line! Special thanks to those of you who “carried” those of us who are not as fit.

Over 78% of the participants were non-caregivers ie more than 1500 non-caregivers “climbed” in solidarity with caregivers of persons with mental health issues. Many also indicated that they have not previously been aware of the world of mental illnesses and caregiving. The CAL website and the C4MW campaign website saw increased visitorship during this period. We took the opportunity to highlight stories of caregiving through the segment called the World of Caregiving.

More than 600 participants joined as members of teams formed from groups of friends, associates or colleagues. We are also heartened by the support from many organisations from the social service sector, and many teams from the corporate world as well. There were also 153 friends who are not residing in Singapore and the youngest participant, a 3 years old, contributed 156,222 steps! Participants may download the number of steps for individuals and teams at the campaign website before end August 2020.

The funds raised from the campaign go towards meeting the budget shortfall for our signature Caregivers-to-Caregivers (C2C) programme aimed at training and supporting caregivers for their caregiving journey. We are also initiating a new series of C2C classes targeted at young caregivers from the IHLs. The fundraising efforts under the Toteboard 1-1 Enhanced Fundraising Scheme will end on 31 July. It’s not too late if you still wish to support us.

Thank you for responding to the call for greater awareness of mental illnesses and for showing solidarity with caregivers as they continue to selflessly care for their loved ones especially in this challenging time of the pandemic.


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