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Caregivers Connect 2019 - Breakout Session 3 Recap

"I AM" Labelling

In the "I AM" Labelling workshop on identity and self-image by Limitless, participants had the chance to identify and internalise the labels that define them. In doing so, they broke down the negative thoughts accompanying those labels, and in turn, redefined how they viewed themselves.


Joy of Caregiving / C4C

The Joy of Caregiving session was led by caregivers who attended the C4C support group. Caregivers shared how the monthly C4C meetings served as a support group to them, and enabled them to find meaning and joy in caregiving.


PAMP: Please Attend to Me Patiently

A fireplace dialogue between caregivers of persons with dementia, the PAMP session featured a panel of speakers who are caregivers of persons with dementia. There was a lot of interaction between facilitators and participants, and those who attended found the session to be useful and engaging.


Trauma Informed Care and Adverse Child Experiences (ACE)

Adverse experiences during childhood can have a tremendous impact on our health and social functioning. Conducted by SAMH / Boys Town, the session shared about how trauma-informed care practices which promote a culture of safety, empowerment and healing can be used to help children and youth in our society.


V.O.I.C.E. - Volunteer Involvement Collaboration Experience

The V.O.I.C.E. session was a chance for participants to be initiated into worthy causes that they are passion about. Through it, they discovered other like-minded volunteers and explored opportunities to be involved in new projects, including befriending and para-counselling.


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