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“Let’s gift for a reason” initiative by SAFRA Toa Payoh Club

“Gift for a Reason 2020” is an annual CSR collaboration with SAFRA Community Services Club (SAFRACS) which promotes ‘Adopt a Wish’ to their SAFRA members who can contribute to the community by granting gifts to wishes written by participants on a wish card. Gift for a Reason 2020 is jointly organized by SAFRA, the SAFRA Community Services Club (SAFRACS) and SGCares, in support of the SGCares Giving Week.

80 caregivers from CAL who participated were pleasantly surprised to have their wishes granted. Held at CAL’s office on 19 December, 4 caregivers were presented with the gifts they wished for by Mr. Benjamin Ma, SAFRA Toa Payoh Club Executive Committee Member. The rest of the gifts would be self-collected by the caregivers from CAL’s Valley Point office with prior appointment required due to staff working from home arrangement.

One of our caregivers, Mdm Prema Panicker, shared, “I wish to express my gratitude to SAFRA for their admirable outreach activities with CAL and generously sponsored gifts for caregivers as a gesture of support and appreciation.”

Tim Lee, Executive Director of CAL said, “We are truly grateful to members of SAFRA Toa Payoh who embraced the spirit of gifting and making the wishes of our caregivers come true. I believe it will be a happy memorable experience for them as they receive their gifts with a special heart from the SAFRA club community.”

The spirit of gifting from SAFRA members had impacted our caregivers who were heartened by their generosity and that their wishes were fulfilled to be enjoyed with their loved ones and family this season.


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