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CAL Videos collaboration with SIM iCare

In partnership with CAL, SIM iCare produced 3 videos to raise greater awareness of mental health.

“Ask An Expert” is a series of two videos about major depressive disorder in an interview with Veena, counsellor and programme manager with Caregivers Alliance Limited.

In the “Ask An Expert” - part 1, Veena shared about depression, the various medical treatment and therapies available and she also debunked some misconceptions surrounding mental health.

Watch the “Ask An Expert” part 1 to learn more:

In “Ask An Expert” - part 2, Veena shared on how we can better support those diagnosed with mental health conditions, what are the resources available in Singapore and the challenges faced by caregivers. Learn more from the video below:

The 3rd video is a story about a caregiver, Christine who is one of our youth caregivers who attended the Caregivers-To-Caregivers training programme with her family. Watch this video to learn the importance of shifting the mindset which helped her to be present and relate better to her brother.


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