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A Walk in the Park 滨海花园漫步

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden” - Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden Did you know that having access to nature makes a huge difference to your stress levels? Being around plants can help to alleviate anxiety and boost your mood, allowing you to relax and be more productive. Caregiving is often a long and lonely journey, and caregivers often do not have enough time to themselves and to interact with others. Need a breather? Our July event, A Walk In The Park, will feature fun and therapeutic activities such as Human Bingo, Treasure Hunt (nature appreciation walk), and creating a gratitude journal. Join us for an evening out at Gardens by the Bay and bond with your family members and caregivers alike! Location: Gardens by the Bay 18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018953 Date/Time: 27 July 2019 (Saturday) 4.30pm - 7:00pm Registration opens at 4.30pm, event kicks off at 5pm Meeting Point: Planet (Giant Sculpture of Floating Baby, visible as you cross Meadow Bridge into Gardens by the Bay) Getting There: By MRT: 1. Alight at Bayfront MRT Exit B 2. Follow the underground linkway and turn right 3. Walk past the SG50 Lattice 4. Turn left and cross the Meadow Bridge towards Giant Baby Sculpture (Planet)

“如果换个角度看,整个世界就像是一个花园” - 弗朗西斯·霍奇森·伯内特,秘密花园


需要一次亲近大自然的呼吸吗? 我们7月的活动,“滨海花园漫步”,将是一次有趣和放松的活动,有Bingo游戏、在大自然里漫步的过程中进行寻宝和记录属于自己的感恩日记。加入我们吧,在滨海花园与您的家人和其他照顾者度过一个美好的傍晚!


滨海花园 18 Marina Gardens Drive,Singapore 018953

日期/时间: 2019年7月27日(星期六)/ 4.30pm - 7:00pm

4.30pm 签名,5pm 活动开始

碰面地点: Planet <巨型雕塑“漂浮宝贝”(Floating baby )旁,穿过草地桥进入滨海花园后就可以看见。>

到达路线: 地铁: 1. 海湾舫B出口; 2. 沿着地下通道走,然后右转; 3. 经过SG50 Lattice; 4. 向左转并穿过巨型雕塑“漂浮宝贝”(Floating baby )方向的草地桥即可抵达(Planet)

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Please note that CAL will not accept liability for any accident or injury that may occur to you during the event. You may be required to acknowledge an indemnity exclusion before taking part in any activities.

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