“Journeys of Caregiving” brings Mental Health Conversations to Youth

On 3 June 2019, a group of young caregivers from CAL were invited to share their caregiving journeys to youths aged between 18 and 35 at the headquarters of Youth Corps Singapore (YCS) at The Red Box. This event, titled “Journeys of Caregiving”, aimed to facilitate mental health conversations among youths and to advocate against mental health stigma. Although much effort has been made to change perspectives towards mental health issues through nationwide campaigns such as NCSS’ Beyond the Label, there still exists much prejudice and discrimination in society. The youth are a key group to spread the message about mental health to, since they are in formative years and are particularly vulnerable to mental health conditions, but are also old enough to be advocates for change. The event intended to ignite positive changes in the attitudes and behaviour in youths towards the mental health sector in Singapore through conversations with caregivers. Fully organised by interns from National Youth Corps who are attached to CAL, it was a step forward in creating an inclusive society, and an opportunity for CAL to