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Hossan Leong Pledges To Support CAL At Latest Show

We at CAL are very thankful for the staunch support that Hossan Leong has given to us. Notably, he recently used his flair for entertainment and comedy to host the CAL-TENG Charity Concert 2019 – Mind the Music!, gracing the evening both as himself, and by acting as the fictitious co-host ‘Miriam’. His exuberant personality made him highly engaging and extremely entertaining. The audience loved it. If you watched him in action and are clamouring for more, or if you are a fan of Hossan’s, now is the time to catch him for a bonanza of fun for his 50th birthday. Slated to be possibly the last concert that Hossan will perform in a long while, Hossan-AH 50! Love You LEONG Time! will be showing at Drama Centre Theatre between 14 August to 31 August 2019. Ever the altruist, Hossan has arranged for a portion of the ticket sales proceeds to be donated to CAL. Please support him as he celebrates his birthday in an event that features songs and comedy performances which celebrate Singaporean culture and identity. To purchase a ticket, visit: *Early bird pricing available until 2 June 2019!

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