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Managing Anxiety: Strategies for Caregivers

It is normal to experience anxiety in response to stressful situations.

However, anxiety becomes a problem when experienced too frequently or intensely over a long period, which may cause a person to become predisposed to developing anxiety disorders.

The talk will provide participants with a better understanding of anxiety, including how stress and anxiety are interrelated. Useful strategies to counter anxiety, worries and stress will be covered in detail.

OVERVIEW OF TALK A. What is “Anxiety”? B. The Many Faces of Anxiety C. Three Common Anxiety Disorders you want to Avoid D. Strategies to deal with Anxieties E. How to deal with Worries F. How Stresses led to Heighten States of Anxiety G. Ten Tips to Manage Stressful Demands

This talk will be conducted by David Chay Kam Yuen, B.S. (cum laude), M.A. (Applied Health Psychology) Registered Psychologist, Singapore Psychological Society (2005 -2015)

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