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CAL Launches New C2C Dementia Classes

Singapore is facing an ageing population. With an increase in the number of elderly persons, there is also a growing number of people suffering from dementia. However, while many people have heard of dementia, few understand it well. Families of elderly persons suffering from dementia often experience confusion and anxiety when trying to cope with the changes in their loved one’s behaviour. To help families and caregivers of persons with dementia, CAL has begun offering Caregivers-to-Caregivers Training Programmes (C2C) with a specific focus on dementia. These new classes started rolling out in the last week of March, based on pilot testing conducted in 2018. The dementia programme will run for 8 weeks instead of the usual 12 weeks. It aims to help caregivers to understand dementia, learn creative ways of dealing with their loved ones’ behaviour, and debunk the myths that lead people to mistake dementia with signs of normal aging. CAL’s staff in charge of the new dementia classes, Ms Nancy Cheong, designed the sessions to be conducted in an engaging and interactive manner. The classes will also serve as a platform for caregivers to meet new friends and strength their social connections. Presently, three dementia classes are ongoing. Feedback from caregivers about the new content has been very positive, with many commenting that the staff had facilitated them learning more about dementia in a fun and engaging way.

Above: A caregiver from the pilot dementia class shared her experience in a touching and creative way

Above: Caregivers from the pilot dementia class express their gratitude for the training

Know of someone caring for a loved one suffering from dementia? Tell them about CAL’s newest programme to help them in their journey!

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